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KAPA NYLON-24 28MM 22290


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Twisted ropes have developed over a long period of time with the only real evolution being the material used that has changed from natural fibers to man – made (artificial) fibers. This change of fiber gave the construction higher strength and longer life. Today, twisted ropes are preferred for most simple applications because of their flexibility, knot making ability, splicing and easy handling in small diameters. The 4 – strand ropes have a slightly firmer lay than the 3 – strand ones, since they are round ropes with more outside surface, more traction on sheaves and

D.KORONAKIS S.A. produces twisted ropes from the following materials:

• High tenacity yarns
• High elongation characteristics
• High stretch – high strength fibers
• UV resistant
• Sinkable ropes

• Excellent Fatigue life
• Increased service life
• Low stretch – high strength fibers
• Excellent weather & abrasion resistance
• Sinkable ropes

• Flat filaments, a mixture of polypropylene – polyethylene co-extruded
• One of the strongest floating ropes
• Reduced friction internal and external
• Increased flexibility
• Easy handling
• UV resistant

• They can be of split film or monofilaments twines
• Light weight
• Waterproof
• Low stretching at work load
• Abrasion resistant
• All strands of the rope can be double twisted
• Floating ropes

• Made of high quality natural fibers
• Hygroscopic
• Friendly for environment
•Excellent weather & abrasion resistance
• Ideal for pilot & accommodation ladders


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